Saturday, November 27, 2010

Welcome to Men Jesus Called

I'd like to personally welcome you to the "Men Jesus Called" Bible study site. Both Richard and I are happy you've come!

Over the course of seven weeks (starting January 10, 2011 ~ view entire schedule: HERE), we will be considering the twelve disciples of Jesus. (Can you name them without opening your Bible? Try it in the comment section below to see how far you get and just for fun.)

This study is meant for both women and men. Ladies and guys will find much truth to hang their hats on and apply in their lives. Of course, a Bible study is only as good as the investment of the student involved. The fact is you will only get out of it what you put in.

"Men Jesus Called" has purposely been designed in the simplest of ways, with a lot of breathing room and to be self-contained. Each week (starting on Monday morning) there is a short passage to be read, four questions, a blog post, video blog post and then every two weeks a video chat will be offered (time to be announced) for any and all who would like to participate. And so you can join in at your own comfort level (and as your schedule permits). Visit this website at any time, morning, noon or night, and you will find the materials. No need to purchase anything. You can even read all the Bible passages here. Just pass your mouse over any of the verses you see and they will pop up for your consideration and convenience.

All content is fresh and developed by Richard Mayan (@mcProdigal) and myself (@aheartforgod). We're convinced that God will speak to you over the course of this study.

Thanks again for joining with us.

P.S. Please follow @menJesuscalled on Twitter for more information and updates (and to connect with others who are participating). God bless.

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